renovated bathroom at affordable price

Of all the rooms in your home, a bathroom renovation can be the most expensive. So we usually put this on our to-do list for someday in the future.

But there are little things that don’t cost much but can still make a significant difference in the way your bathroom looks and feels, without a full-blown renovation project.

Here are some affordable bathroom decorating ideas for elevating this room into a place to unwind.

  1. Replace your bath mat

    Swapping out your dingy, tired bath. mat with one with texture, patterns or colours can quickly uplift the space. Perhaps a handmade rug. Whichever option you choose, try to find one that is machine washable and dries easily.

  2. Clean the grout

    Dirty, grey grout is one of the first things that catch people’s attention in a bathroom. But it’s also easy to fix. A simple grout whitener or even a tough grout cleaning brush can do the trick to make your bathroom look like it had a small reno job.

  3. Replace your mirror

    Why not swap out the sad little hardware store option for something with an interesting shape, or frame; if your space allows, a large size can give plenty of light to your bathroom. Mirrors can be expensive, so if you are on a budget, consider a trip to a second-hand market, you may just come across a beautiful vintage find.

  4. Dress up your walls

    Wallpaper can be a time-consuming exercise, but it is definitely, worth the result, you will get a lot cheaper than new tiles! Wallpaper with interesting patterns can instantly add some flair.

  5. Replace your showerhead

    Your showerhead can make a significant difference not just in its look but also in the whole shower experience. Switching out the limescaled small head for a rainfall option, which is very popular nowadays, will instantly upgrade your shower.

  6. Add some hanging plants

    Hang some beautiful plants in your bathroom. They add colour, and create the feel of a little oasis. If you have a window sill, consider adding a few succulents too, they are low maintenance and come in many shapes and sizes. Plants are available everywhere and won’t break the bank.

  7. Light it up

    Replace that harsh glowing light bulb with an LED option with a soft glow. Consider a woven light shade for extra subtlety.

Professional Bathroom Renovations

These tips can go a long way in uplifting your bathroom. But when the time comes for a complete overhaul, contact Sawtell Bathrooms, your high-quality, excellent-value bathroom renovation specialist in Coffs Harbour.