Homeowners and design lovers are always looking for new inspiration to invigorate their bathrooms.

2023’s hottest bathroom trends feature a blend of contemporary aesthetics, environmentally friendly practices, and opulent luxury. Designs include minimalist elegance to cutting-edge technology integration.

Check out our favourite current trends  – we hope they’ll inspire you to design a bathroom that combines classic elegance and modern flair, whether you’re planning a total renovation or just a simple refresh.

Inspiration From Spas

Bathrooms are no longer seen as only functional spaces; instead, nowadays, they’re treated as places where you may unwind and care for your body.

Although showers are typically favoured over tubs, trends in 2023 bathroom design are all about personalisation: this means a rainfall shower for some, a soaking tub for others, or maybe even both. A bench or other seat is frequently included in steam showers, which are becoming increasingly popular as a health and relaxation measure. People are even using open shelves to store rolled towels, instilling the feeling of being in a spa.

Accessorising your Bathroom with Colour

This year’s most prominent bathroom trend may be spa-worthy areas, but your design doesn’t have to be monotonous. Bright and vibrant designs give texture and colour to your bathroom. Many homeowners are integrating geometric patterns, placing striking accessories on open shelves, and adding colourful accents to their bathrooms. There’s an increasing view that colour complements the abundance of darker hues and neutrals typically used to decorate the house.

Timber Vanities

For years, bathroom vanities of all sizes and shapes have predominantly featured painted finishes, most notably white. This year, there’s much more unfinished wood on bathroom cabinets and vanities – indeed, wood finishes are quickly overtaking the formerly dominant white vanities. This growing popularity of timber goes hand in hand with the recent rapid expansion of warm colours and modern organic design.

Saying Goodbye to Large Bathtubs

Even while contemporary standalone bathtubs are still popular, many bathroom renovators wish to create space in their bathrooms by removing their enormous, rarely used built-in bathtubs. That space can then be used for other popular bathroom design features, such as enlarged showers or linen closets. Floor layouts can also be opened up by removing a large tub or replacing it with a smaller one, making the bathroom appear more spacious and tranquil.

Walk-in Showers

The popularity of shower renovations shows no signs of abating this year, with increasing shower dimensions, shower benches, multiple showerheads, and zero-entry showers for universal accessibility amongst the most popular upgrades.

However, walk-in showers don’t just have a practical purpose. They also feature design aspects like natural light sources, accent lighting, high-end finishes and aesthetically pleasing wall tiles that, when combined with the standard glass shower enclosure, make an eye-catching shower.


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