Giving your bathroom a facelift is a big undertaking but can be a fun project that allows you to flex your creative muscles whilst adding to your home’s value. 

But before you tackle a remodel, it is essential to do some preparation work. In order to establish a clear end goal, you will need to find inspiration and ideas and know what you are in for.

Consider the following guidelines for a smooth bathroom renovation process: 

Get the Necessary Building Permits

This could possibly take the longest of all preparation work so start here. 

Some home renovations in Australia would require you to have a building permit when you are renovating a wet area. It would also depend on the extent of your renovation. If you are merely replacing plumbing fixtures with similar components, re-tiling or adding non-plumbing components, then a permit is not needed. But if you are tackling a full-scale remodelling and therefore removing walls, adding new water supply or changing plumbing then a building permit would be necessary. 

Do Your Research

Research is vital to ensure you are setting realistic expectations. Establish your design idea and find out what the type of renovation you have in mind is likely to cost. Factor in paint, tile choices, shower or bath fixtures, faucets, storing cabinets etc. 

Set a Realistic Timeline

Depending on the scope of your remodelling project, a realistic timeline will help you plan better, help to reduce costs and manage expectations. If you are custom-ordering certain elements, take this waiting time into consideration. 

Budget Outline

You might already have a budget set out for your project, or you will establish a budget after you have done your research (above). Allocate your budget accordingly amongst all the renovations you are undertaking. For example, you might allocate a larger percentage to a new bathtub, sink and toilet and a smaller amount to lighting fixtures, decor or new faucets. Remember to set aside part of your budget for labour costs. 

Find Inspiration Online

The internet is a wormhole of tips and ideas. Social media platforms like Instagram or Pinterest are great tools to create mood boards. Make sure that the elements you have chosen online will work in your space and style of home. 

Bathroom Measurements

We can’t stress this enough. Triple-check that your measurements are correct to avoid cramped fixtures, wallpaper that doesn’t fit or simply not enough space for the amenities and fixtures you planned out. This will also ensure avoiding the frustration of purchasing things that don’t fit. 

Get Professional Advice

Unless you have some renovation or plumbing experience, getting a professional eye to oversee your renovation is not a bad idea. They will be able to review your design ideas and establish if what you want to do is feasible or not, and could even provide some tips that you haven’t thought about yourself. 

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