Laundry Renovations Coffs Harbour

When it comes to home renovations, your laundry is probably the furthest from your mind, even though you likely use the laundry at least twice a week. So it makes sense to give the space the TLC it deserves since you spend so much time there. Sawtell Bathrooms can take care of all your laundry renovation needs in Coffs Harbour.

Consider the Location of Your Laundry

if you enjoy the luxury of space, consider which location will work best for your lifestyle. You can decide to have the laundry room near your bathroom to streamline the laundry chores. Most homeowners prefer to have their laundry rooms located away from living areas or bedrooms to minimise disturbances.There are many ways to keep your laundry room hidden in plain sight while still being functional.

Planning Your Layout

The most important thing is to create a layout that works best for you. Allocate space for appliances and have a logical workflow.

Here are some things to consider when planning the design:

  • Where do you plan to keep the laundry baskets?
  • Should you place a folding station next to the dryer?
  • Do you need to allocate space for a hanging rod?
  • How will cabinets factor in the design?
  • Do you need space for an ironing board?

Components of Your Laundry

There are many components of a fully functional laundry:

Storage: you can choose between open or floating shelves or cabinets with doors.

The Benchtop: consider materials that are durable and easy to clean. Remember that this area is designed for cleaning, so the countertops should be able to take grease, debris and other stains.

The Sink: if your space allows for it, install a deep sink for soaking and to keep splashing to a minimum. Stainless steel is better than plastic as it is more painless to clean.

Flooring: consider water-resistant flooring that is durable and with a low maintenance level.

Appliances: can you stack appliances, or do you have space to put them next to each other?

Measuring The Laundry Room

Here are some important measurements to take when planning your laundry renovation:

  • The size of the washing machine and dryer you will use
  • Floor-to-ceiling
  • Wall-to-wall
  • Waste and pipe positions
  • Size of doors and windows
  • Future powerpoints and light fixtures

Why Use Sawtell Bathrooms For Your Laundry Renovations?

  • Fully licensed and insured bathroom and laundry renovation service
  • We offer 24-hour emergency support
  • We focus on providing quality service with quality products
  • We offer free quotes
  • We work with honesty and integrity to an exceptional standard
  • Years of plumbing experience